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October 2009

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harry potter / harry and hermione

discofordaisies in lingeringnights

the multipurpose first post of great joy and mighty justice


Salutations, brave adventurer! You have crash-landed in the super-top-secret musical clubhouse of selestis (you may call her Seraph) and discofordaisies (sup). Congratulations! Welcome! Spread the word to all your adventuring friends!

Seraph and I will be posting music that we feel should be force-fed to the masses. Our libraries are, uh, eclectic—but that's a good thing because your face will get lots of exercise! You'll laugh! You'll cry! You'll get a chance to finally explore the wonderful world of wrinkle creams!

And, being such Good Samaritans, we feel justified in asking a few things of you kind folks.


1. The stuff we share is for sampling purposes only (unless otherwise stated). We want to remind you of how amayzang a particular artist is, or pique your interest in something you haven't heard before. You should delete the mp3s after 24-48 hours or The Ninjas Of The Night will find you and do the most unmentionable things. :(

2. If you download something, let us know what you think! We look forward to much gushing, yelling, and temporary shunning! :D

3. Be nice or be banned! D:<

4. Membership is moderated, but we'll only discriminate against accounts that are...

- less than one month old!
- completely bereft of content!
- friends-locked without a public post stating that the account is friends only!

5. Please don't share our links with other people. Direct them here instead, so that our dreams of growing large enough to take over the world can be realized!

6. Those who possess the daring to bother selestis on her personal journal will risk a 1000% chance of getting torched beyond recognition!


If you're interested in affiliating with us, see here!

Desperate musical requests? Perhaps you will find relief here! (Or perhaps not, you never know.)

Burning questions? General comments? Broken links?

Post here, and we'll see what we can do. :)


I need to see what it looks like :)
Now tell me you like what you see! :D
Ffffff... Maybe.
How about now? :D