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let the records play

it grows warmer with every sway of the body

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a collision of eastern and western music ♪
♪ if you see me at midnight walking the streets
Welcome to Lingering Nights! With two people who clash (although in the best way possible, I assure you) in everything, including their taste in music, I'm sure if you can't find something you want from one, you'll be able to find in the other. I implore you to please read the rules before joining though. If you don't get accepted, it'll be written in the rules as to why.

rules - tags - masterlist - requests - affiliates
♪ i've pushed away the dreams ♪ and spoiled the quiet
Name: Chris
Age: 21
Journal: discofordaisies
Music: The Channel, Pomegranates, Mia Riddle, Everybody Else, Blind Pilot, etc.
Specialty: Jack of all trades, master of none
Name: Seraph
Age: 21
Journal: selestis
Music: Utada Hikaru, sifow, Taylor Swift, Colbie Caillat, Koda Kumi, etc.
Specialty: Jack of all the other trades Chris isn't jacking in
♪ to see your breath as it paints against the sky
Layout credit goes to The Fulcrum